Whitesnake – Japan 1st Press Collection (11 Albums) [FLAC]

Whitesnake – Japan 1st Press Collection (11 Albums) [FLAC]

EAC Rip | FLAC+LOG+CUE | Full Scans | 11 CDs | 2.77 Gb (Incl. Recovery)
Genre: Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal | Label ~ P33P Records


Whitesnake (1978) Trouble [Japan 1st Press, P33P-25058, 1987]
Whitesnake (1979) Lovehunter [Japan 1st Press, P33P-25057, 1987]
Whitesnake (1980) Live At Hammersmith [Japan 1st Press, P33P-25056, 1987]
Whitesnake (1980) Ready An’ Willing [Japan 1st Press, P33P-25055, 1987]
Whitesnake (1980) Live…In The Heart Of The City [Japan 1st Press, P33P-25054, 1987]
Whitesnake (1981) Come An’ Get It [Japan 1st Press, P33P-25053, 1987]
Whitesnake (1982) Saints & Sinners [Japan 1st Press, P33P-25052, 1987]
Whitesnake (1984) Slide It In [Japan 1st Press, 35DP 118, 1984]
Whitesnake (1987) Whitesnake (Serpens Albus) [Japan 1st Press, 32DP 680, 1987]
Whitesnake (1987) 1987 Versions (EP) [Japan 1st Press, 28DP 809, 1987]
Whitesnake (1989) Slip Of The Tongue [Japan 1st Press, CSCS 5001, 1989]








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