The Verve Pipe – Villains (1996) [FLAC]

The Verve Pipe-Villains-CD-FLAC-1996-BOCKSCAR Download

The Verve Pipe-Villains-CD-FLAC-1996-BOCKSCAR

Description :

Artist : The Verve Pipe
Album : Villains
Bitrate : 957 kbps

+——————————-[Release Info]——————————-+

Source : CD (LP)
Label : RCA
Year : 1996
Genre : Rock
Rip date : 2013-06-02
Store date : 1996-03-26
Encoder : FLAC 1.2.1

+——————————–[Track List]——————————–+

1. Barely (If At All) 3:45
2. Drive You Mild 3:02
3. Villains 4:42
4. Reverend Girl 4:27
5. Cup Of Tea 4:26
6. Myself 4:47
7. The Freshman 5:09
8. Photograph 4:55
9. Omnious Man 4:21
10. Real 1:53
11. Penny is Poison 3:28
12. Cattle 3:46
13. Veneer 5:33

+——————————-[Release Notes]——————————+

Sophistication and seriousness characterize this major-label debut from The
Verve Pipe, a band that stresses musical skill and careful, melodic
arrangements without sacrificing an ever-present sense of roughness and
urgency. The result is tuneful power-pop with the soul of true rock, made even
more exceptional by lead singer Brian Vander Arks unrestrained, emotional
vocals and the abrupt directions the music takes when you least expect it. The
songs cover a range of topics and moods, from “The Freshmen,” an acoustic tune
that captures the essence of regret and guilt with its delicate melody and
lyrics, to “Villains,” which starts out quietly edgy and veers ferociously
into a savage sexuality: “Out of the corner of my eye/I see a pair of blazing
thighs/See how they twist and shout.” Ex-Talking Head Jerry Harrison, who has
produced albums for Crash Test Dummies and Live, accomplishes a simple, lucid
production that nicely offsets the density and fierceness of most of VILLAINS


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