East India Youth – Total Strife Forever (2014) [FLAC]

Source      : CD
Artist      : East India Youth
Album       : Total Strife Forever
Genre       : Indie
Year        : 2014
Street date : 2014-00-00
Rip Date    : 2014-01-10
Encoder     : FLAC1.2.1
Quality     : 856 kbps avg
Size        : 329.81 megs

1.  Glitter Recession                               4:19
2.  Total Strife Forever I                          6:35
3.  Dripping Down                                   4:11
4.  Hinterland                                      6:16
5.  Heaven, How Long                                6:09
6.  Total Strife Forever II                         2:55
7.  Looking For Someone                             4:15
8.  Midnight Koto                                   3:13
9.  Total Strife Forever III                        4:41
10. Song For A Granular Piano                       4:01
11. Total Strife Forever IV                         4:25


Mac DeMarco – Salad Days (2014) [FLAC]

  Genre: Pop/Rock
  Styles: Indie, Lo-Fi, Shoegaze
  Source: CD (log + cue)
  Codec: FLAC
  Bitrate: ~ 900 kbps
  Bit Depth: 16
  Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz

  01 Salad Days
  02 Blue Boy
  03 Brother
  04 Let Her Go
  05 Goodbye Weekend
  06 Let My Baby Stay
  07 Passing Out Pieces
  08 Treat Her Better
  09 Chamber of Reflection
  10 Go Easy
  11 Jonny’s Odyssey

  With his 2012 debut, 2, Canadian songwriter Mac DeMarco offered the world a look into his dazed but brilliant mind’s eye, his songs landing somewhere between a hallucinogenic re-imagination of ’70s soft rock, oddball outsider jams, and laid-back indie fare. The tunes were somehow both tuneful and antagonistic in the subtlest of ways, and DeMarco easily shifted between characters of the stoned joker and sincere balladeer, playing each remarkably convincingly. Salad Days picks up where the strange vibes of 2 left off, brightening the production and shying away from Mac’s more insane impulses for a clearer picture of his immensely cracked idea of what pop music is. By this point, DeMarco’s guitar sound is becoming one of his signatures. Mellow, snaking, busy lines of chorus-drenched leads intertwine and chime over the top of thoughtful, sometimes restrained chords.

  This guitar work shows up at its most melodic on tracks like “Let Her Go” and the standout “Blue Boy,” and appears in a more jagged form on mellow rockers like “Goodbye Weekend.” DeMarco has his feet in a bevy of styles on Salad Days without coming off scattered, including the brittle ’80s R&B synths of “Chamber of Reflection” and the channeling of songwriting greats like John Lennon and Ray Davies elsewhere. The title track goes so far as to sport some “la la la”s that could have been lifted directly off The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society. Absent from this album are both the highly contrasting moments of dreamy-eyed indie rock and wobbly, Ween-indebted weirdness that came through more sharply on 2. With songs touching on themes of maturation, life in the public eye, and good old-fashioned romance, DeMarco has trimmed the fat both musically and conceptually on Salad Days, turning in a streamlined picture of his musical development. With more memorable tracks and a slightly more accessible feel, the album is less distracted and more tuneful than before without losing any of the freewheeling spirit that made his songs and persona so attractive in the first place.      


Neneh Cherry – Blank Project (2014) [FLAC]

  Styles: Trip-Hop, Alternative Dance, Pop-Rap, Club/Dance
  Source: WEB
  Codec: FLAC
  Bitrate: ~ 1,000 kbps
  Bit Depth: 16
  Sampling Rate: 44.1 KHz

  01 Across the Water
  02 Blank Project
  03 Naked
  04 Spit Three Times
  05 Weightless
  06 Cynical
  07 422
  08 Out of the Black (feat. Robyn)
  09 Dossier
  10 Everything

  The stepdaughter of jazz trailblazer Don Cherry, vocalist Neneh Cherry forged her own groundbreaking blend of pop, dance, hip-hop, and R&B, presaging the emergence of both alternative rap and trip-hop. She was born Neneh Mariann Karlssson on March 10, 1964, in Stockholm, Sweden, the daughter of West African percussionist Ahmadu Jah and artist Moki Cherry. Raised by her mother and her trumpeter stepfather in both Stockholm and New York City, Cherry dropped out of school at age 14, and in 1980 she relocated to London to sing with the punk group the Cherries.

  Following brief flings with the Slits and the Nails, she joined the experimental funk/post-punk outfit Rip Rig + Panic, and appeared on the group’s albums God (1981), I Am Cold (1982), and Attitude (1983). When the band broke up, Cherry remained with one of the spinoff groups, Float Up CP, and led them through one album, 1986′s Kill Me in the Morning. The band proved short-lived, however, and Cherry began rapping in a London club, where she earned the attention of a talent scout who signed her to a solo contract. Her first single, “Stop the War,” railed against the invasion of the Falkland Islands.  


Paul McCartney – NEW (2013) (Japan SHM-CD UCCO 3048) [FLAC]

Genre: Classic Rock / Pop-Rock
Media: SHM-CD
Country-disk manufacturer: Japan
Publishing year: 2013
Publisher (label): Universal Music Co.
Catalog Number: UCCO 3048
Country: England – USA
Audio Codec: FLAC (*. Flac)
Rip type: image +. Cue
Audio Bitrate: lossless
Duration: 0:57:11

01. Save Us (2:39)
02. Alligator (3:27)
03. On My Way To Work (3:43)
04. Queenie Eye (3:48)
05. Early Days (4:07)
06. New (2:56)
07. Appreciate (4:28)
08. Everybody Out There (3:21)
09. Hosanna (3:29)
10. I Can Bet (3:22)
11. Looking At Her (3:05)
12. Road (4:31)
13. Turned Out (2:59)
14. Get Me Out Of Here (3:27)
Bonus Tracks For Japan:
15. Struggle (5:09)
Hidden Track:
16. Scared (2:49)


St. Vincent – St. Vincent (2014) [FLAC]

Genre …………: Indie
Year ………….: 2014
Quality ……….: FLAC
Source ………..: CD
Total Size / Time : 240 MB / 00:40:10

01 | Rattlesnake ………………..03:34
02 | Birth in Reverse ……………03:15
03 | Prince Johnny ………………04:36
04 | Huey Newton ………………..04:37
05 | Digital Witness …………….03:21
06 | I Prefer Your Love ………….03:36
07 | Regret …………………….03:21
08 | Bring Me Your Loves …………03:15
09 | Psychopath …………………03:32
10 | Every Tear Disappears ……….03:15
11 | Severed Crossed Fingers ……..03:42


Sun Kil Moon – Benji (Deluxe) (2014) [FLAC]

  Genre: Pop/Rock
  Styles: Singer/Songwriter, Indie
  Source: CD (log + cue)
  Codec: FLAC
  Bitrate: ~ 1,000 kbps
  Bit Depth: 16
  Sampling Rate: 44,100 Hz
  01 Carissa
  02 I Can’t Live Without My Mother’s Love
  03 Truck Driver
  04 Dogs
  05 Pray for Newtown
  06 Jim Wise
  07 I Love My Dad
  08 I Watched the Film the Song Remains the Same
  09 Richard Ramirez Died Today of Natural Causes
  10 Micheline
  11 Ben’s My Friend

  Disc 2 – Live

  01 Micheline
  02 Richard Ramirez
  03 I Love My Dad
  04 I Can’t Live Without My Mother’s Love
  05 Truck Driver

  If ever there was an album for Mark Kozelek’s true cult of admirers, Benji is it. Despite the trademark intimacy in his songs, Kozelek has usually concealed himself behind them. Not here. These nakedly confessional songs are adorned by his voice, nylon-string guitar, and sundry instruments and voices. The record is haunted by the ghosts of his native Ohio. Named for a 1974 kids film he liked as a child, Benji is exceptionally wordy. Once Kozelek begins unspinning his life, he can’t stop. Lines collide and mundane details combine with memories and shift quickly, making songs sometimes difficult to track.

  In opener “Carissa,” he returns to Ohio for the funeral of a second cousin who perished at 35 in a freak accident involving an aerosol can. It’s a eulogy, though he cannot come to grips with what happened. Will Oldham’s backing vocal provides support for his bewilderment. “Truck Driver” spookily reflects on the life and death of an uncle (her grandfather) killed on his birthday in an eerily similar accident. On “Dogs,” Kozelek details his early sexual history with tenderness, embarrassment, and bravado. When referencing cultural incidents — “Pray for Newtown” and “Richard Ramirez Died Today of Natural Causes” — Kozelek turns them back on themselves to reflect him. The latter features a strident, monotone spoken delivery and relentless guitar playing. The serial killer is cyclically referenced, but the narrative ironically juxtaposes other culturally significant deaths — James Gandolfini, Elvis — as Kozelek walks through his old neighborhood, remembering its residents, bearing honorable and even generous witness to their lives — and deaths.

  A lyrical Rhodes piano introduces “Jim Wise,” a song about one of his father’s friends who helped his wife commit suicide, then attempted to kill himself but failed. Awaiting a prison sentence, Kozelek and his father visit to bring him food from Panera. “I Watched the Film The Song Remains the Same” — over ten minutes long — languidly unfolds, disclosing his youthful experience being thrilled by the film, balanced by more personal experiences with mortality as a way of explaining that his well-known melancholy has been there since childhood. Two songs celebrate his parents, the delicate “I Can’t Live Without My Mother’s Love” and the semi-boogie of “I Love My Dad” (wherein he takes a humorous dig at Nels Cline). The lovely, tragic “Micheline” pays tribute to a girl who lived next door and to a childhood friend. It marks his grandmother’s long illness and passing, and his shame in not being able to bear being near her during it. Kozelek, now middle-aged, is speaking into a mirror on Benji. It’s so intimate, the listener is, by definition, a voyeur. His hardcore following will no doubt celebrate it abundantly. Given its willful indulgence, however, others may find it a tipping point in the other direction.  


The War on Drugs – Lost in the Dream (2014) [FLAC]

  Genre: Pop/Rock
  Style: Indie
  Source: CD (log + cue)
  Codec: FLAC
  Bitrate: ~ 1,000 kbps
  Bit Depth: 16
  Sample Rate: 44.1 KHz
  01 Under the Pressure
  02 Red Eyes
  03 Suffering
  04 An Ocean in Between the Waves
  05 Disappearing
  06 Eyes to the Wind
  07 The Haunting Idle
  08 Burning
  09 Lost in the Dream
  10 In Reverse

  Mixing the grand-scale guitar attack of Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine with a melodic sense and lyrical perspective that recalls Bob Dylan roaring down Highway 61, Philadelphia’s the War on Drugs are the creation of a pair of Dylan fans, Adam Granduciel and Kurt Vile, who met at a party in 2003. After several drinks, Granduciel and Vile discovered their shared fascination with the Bard of Minnesota, and began working on songs together. By 2005, the pair had enough material to launch a proper band, and the War on Drugs were born. With Granduciel and Vile fronting the band, a variety of accompanists drifted in and out of the lineup before the War on Drugs settled on a stable lineup of Granduciel on vocals, guitar, and keyboards; Vile on guitar and vocals; Charlie Hall on organ and drums; Dave Hartley on bass, and Kyle Lloyd on drums and percussion. While the War on Drugs were hesitant to quit their jobs and begin touring extensively, the band became a frequent presence on the Philadelphia music scene and impressed out-of-towners during occasional gigs in New York City.      


Todd Terje – It’s Album Time (2014) [FLAC]

Genre: Disco, House
Source: CD
Country: Europe
Year: 2014
Catalogue: OLS006CD
Country: Norway
Codec FLAC (*.flac)
Rip Type: tracks+.cue
Format: lossless
Duration: 0:59:15
Store: what.cd

01. Intro (It’s Album Time) [1:40]
02. Leisure Suit Preben [4:20]
03. Preben Goes to Acapulco [4:35]
04. Svensk Sas [2:43]
05. Strandbar [4:28]
06. Delorean Dynamite [6:45]
07. Johnny and Mary (feat. Bryan Ferry) [6:32]
08. Alfonso Muskedunder [3:24]
09. Swing Star Part I [4:18]
10. Swing Star Part II [6:17]
11. Oh Joy [7:09]
12. Inspector Norse [6:59]      


Wild Beasts – Present Tense (2014) [FLAC]

Genre: Pop/Rock
Styles: Indie, Ambient, Post-Punk
Source: Scene CD (outerspace)
Codec: FLAC
Bitrate: ~ 1,000 kbps
Bit Depth: 16
Sample Rate: 44.1 KHz

01 Wanderlust
02 Nature Boy
03 Mecca
04 Sweet Spot
05 Daughters
06 Pregnant Pause
07 A Simple Beautiful Truth
08 A Dog’s Life
09 Past Perfect
10 New Life
11 Palace

While it’s not exactly accurate to say Wild Beasts have gotten tamer with each release, it’s hard to deny that their music has become far more orderly and considered since the Limbo, Panto days. The band adopted a sleeker approach on the brilliant Smother, so the lean synth pop that provides Present Tense’s backbone feels like a logical, if not exactly expected, progression. With the help of producers Lexx and Leo Abrahams — who have worked with Björk and Brian Eno, respectively — the group explores territory that is quieter but no less compelling than where they’ve been before. Present Tense’s implosive sound reflects the fact that comedowns and consequences cast a longer shadow over Wild Beasts’ songs than they used to.   


Words Of Farewell – The Black Wild Yonder (2014) [FLAC]

Words of Farewell-The Black Wild Yonder-CD-FLAC-2014-FORSAKEN Download

Words of Farewell-The Black Wild Yonder-CD-FLAC-2014-FORSAKEN

Description :

Artist : Words Of Farewell
Album : The Black Wild Yonder
Label : AFM Records
Genre : Death Metal
Source : CD
Street Date : 2014-04-15
Quality : 974 kbps / 44.1kHz / 2 channels
Encoder : FLAC 1.2.1
Size : 398.32 MB
Time : 54:42 min
Url : http://www.afm-records.de/artists/en/W/words_of_f

1. Continuum Shift 4:19
2. Telltale Notion 3:57
3. In Kingdoms Of Rain 6:04
4. Damaged Beyond Repair 5:52
5. Beauty In Passing 4:53
6. The Outer Rim 5:12
7. Temporary Loss Of Reason 6:22
8. Antibiosis 5:21
9. Luminary Ghost 5:25
10. Riven 7:17

WORDS OF FAREWELL are one of the most talented Metal acts to
emerge from Germany within the last years. After the critically
acclaimed ‘Immersion’ (2011), the band now returns with ‘The
Black Wild Yonder’ and delivers incredible improvements in all
areas. Breaking the boundaries of what some still describe as
‘Melodic Death Metal’, WORDS OF FAREWELL’s sound is much more
atmospheric, varied and emotional to fit this alcove. ‘The Black
Wild Yonder’ is a real treat for all fans of Dark Tranquillity,
Insomnium, Scar Symmetry and In Flames. Also it continues the
band’s journey with a unique, honest feel.