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Midtown – Discography (1999-2004) [FLAC]

Midtown – Discography (1999-2004) [FLAC]

Genre: Pop/Rock
Styles: Alternative, Emo, Punk
Source: CD
Codec: FLAC
Bitrate: ~ 1,000 kbps
Bit Depth: 16
Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz

1999 The Sacrifice of Life EP
2000 Save the World, Lose the Girl
2002 Living Well is the Best Revenge
2002 Living Well is the Best Revenge (Japan)
2004 Forget What You Know

Formed in November 1998 by three Rutgers students, Midtown soon became an energetic quartet comprised of Gabe Saporta (vocals/bass), Rob Hitt (drums), Tyler Rann (guitar/vocals), and Heath Saraceno (guitar/vocals). Taking advantage of the fertile New Jersey punk scene to develop a unique sound that combined elements of emo and hardcore, Midtown began recording shortly after their formation. Their debut EP, Sacrifice of Life, was issued by Pinball Records in 1999. Their first full-length, Save the World, Lose the Girl, was released in early 2000 by their friends at Drive-Thru Records and was soon picked up for distribution by MCA. Midtown spent five months starting in the fall of 2001 recording their follow-up album; Living Well Is the Best Revenge appeared in April 2002.

Nonstop touring followed, including a headlining tour throughout the U.S., Japan, and U.K. Midtown played a slew of European dates with the likeminded Jimmy Eat World as well. Back at home by January of 2003, tensions that had been growing between the band and Drive-Thru over feelings of unfair treatment came to a head. Unhappy throughout the drama, Midtown finally managed to extricate themselves from their contract with the label. Down but definitely not out, the guys got together with producer Butch Walker to record the songs that would become their next album, the moodier Forget What You Know, in November. After the band shopped it around to various labels, the record was picked up by Columbia and released in June 2004.


Laura Nyro – Discography (1966-2004) [FLAC]

Laura Nyro – Discography (1966-2004) [FLAC]

Genres: Pop/Rock, Folk, Soul
Styles: Singer/Songwriter, Soft Rock
Source: CD
Codec: FLAC
Bitrate: ~ 1,000 kbps
Bit Depth: 16
Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz

1966 More Than a New Discovery ( 2008 )
1968 Eli and the Thirteenth Confession Confession (1990)
1969 New York Tendaberry (2002)
1970 Christmas and the Beads of Sweat ( 2008 )
1973 The First Songs (1990)
1976 Smile ( 2008 )
1977 Season of Lights ( 2008 )
1978 Nested ( 2008 )
1984 Mother’s Spiritual ( 2008 )
1989 Live at the Bottom Line
1990 Live from Mountain Stage
1994 Live in Japan (2003)
1998 Premium Best
2000 Time and Love – The Essential Masters
2001 Angel in the Dark
2002 Live – The Loom’s Desire
2004 Spread Your Wings and Fly

Laura Nyro was one of pop music’s true originals: A brilliant and innovative composer, her songs found greater commercial success in the hands of other performers, but her own records — intricate, haunting works highlighting her singularly powerful vocal phrasing, evocative lyrics, and alchemical fusion of gospel, soul, folk, and jazz structures — remain her definitive artistic legacy.

The daughter of a jazz trumpeter, she was born Laura Nigro on October 18, 1947, and composed her first songs at the age of eight. After attending Manhattan’s famed High School of Music and Art, she began performing in area clubs, drawing on influences as diverse as Bob Dylan and John Coltrane. In 1967, Nyro issued her first LP, More Than a New Discovery; though commercially unsuccessful, the album was a treasure trove of material for other artists — the Fifth Dimension scored with “Wedding Bell Blues” and “Blowin’ Away,” Barbra Streisand covered “Stoney End,” and Blood, Sweat & Tears tackled “And When I Die.”

In 1967, Nyro made just her second major live appearance to date at the Monterey Pop Festival, where her idiosyncratic performance baffled the crowd. However, David Geffen — a music agent at the time — caught her set and was so impressed that he quit his current position to become her manager. He also won Nyro a contract with Columbia, and in 1968 she returned with the extraordinary Eli and the Thirteenth Confession. While the album earned vast critical acclaim, she again found commercial success not with her own recordings, but with covers of Eli’s songs, as the Fifth Dimension reached the charts with renditions of “Stoned Soul Picnic” and “Sweet Blindness,” while “Eli’s Comin’” became a major hit for Three Dog Night.

At the age of 24, Nyro announced her retirement; she married, severed her industry connections, and moved to a small community in New England. However, the marriage ended in divorce, and in 1976 she resurfaced with Smile; a subsequent tour yielded the 1977 live set Season of Lights. However, the long layoff derailed whatever chart momentum her music had accrued, and after the dismal sales of 1978′s Nested, she again retreated from the music business.

When Nyro finally returned from her self-imposed exile in 1984 with Mother’s Spiritual, her music had grown more reserved and introspective; as the title indicated, her own motherhood provided considerable inspiration for her new work, as did her rustic New England lifestyle. While she did not make any overt declarations of retirement, Nyro waited another five years before issuing her next LP, Live at the Bottom Line, recorded at the legendary New York club; Walk the Dog & Light the Light, her first collection of new material in nearly a decade, followed in 1993. Four years later, Nyro died of ovarian cancer, on April 8, 1997. A posthumous album, Angel in the Dark, was issued in 2001, and several additional live recordings also surfaced.

*Note to downloaders

I don’t claim that this is a complete discography. I have collected as much material as I could find.  If something is missing you can try to find it and upload it for the community; asking for it here won’t help.


De La Soul – Discography (1989-2006) [FLAC]

De La Soul – Discography (1989-2006) [FLAC]
Hip-Hop | 6.36 GB | Flac Tracks

At the time of its 1989 release, De La Soul’s debut album, 3 Feet High and Rising, was hailed as the future of hip-hop. With its colorful, neo-psychedelic collage of samples and styles, plus the Long Island trio’s low-key, clever rhymes and goofy humor, the album sounded like nothing else in hip-hop. Where most of their contemporaries drew directly from old-school rap, funk, or Public Enemy’s dense sonic barrage, De La Soul were gentler and more eclectic, taking in not only funk and soul, but also pop, jazz, reggae, and psychedelia. Though their style initially earned both critical raves and strong sales, De La Soul found it hard to sustain their commercial momentum in the ’90s as their alternative rap was sidetracked by the popularity of considerably harder-edged gangsta rap.
De La Soul formed while the trio members — Posdnuos (born Kelvin Mercer, August 17, 1969), Trugoy the Dove (born David Jude Jolicoeur, September 21, 1968), and Pasemaster Mase (born Vincent Lamont Mason Jr., March 27, 1970) — were attending high school in the late ’80s. The stage names of all of the members derived from in-jokes: Posdnuos was an inversion of Mercer’s DJ name, Sound-Sop; Trugoy was an inversion of Jolicoeur’s favorite food, yogurt. De La Soul’s demo tape, “Plug Tunin’,” came to the attention of Prince Paul, the leader and producer of the New York rap outfit Stetsasonic. Prince Paul played the tape to several colleagues and helped the trio land a contract with Tommy Boy Records.
Prince Paul produced De La Soul’s debut album, 3 Feet High and Rising, which was released in the spring of 1989. Several critics and observers labeled the group as a neo-hippie band because the record praised peace and love as well as proclaiming the dawning of “the D.A.I.S.Y. age” (Da Inner Sound, Y’all). Though the trio was uncomfortable with the hippie label, there was no denying that the humor and eclecticism presented an alternative to the hardcore rap that dominated hip-hop. De La Soul quickly were perceived as the leaders of a contingent of New York-based alternative rappers that also included A Tribe Called Quest, Queen Latifah, the Jungle Brothers, and Monie Love; all of these artists dubbed themselves the Native Tongues posse.
For a while, it looked as if De La Soul and the Native Tongues posse would eclipse hardcore hip-hop in terms of popularity. “Me, Myself and I” became a Top 40 pop hit in the U.S. (number one R&B), while the album reached number 24 (number one R&B) and went gold. At the end of the year, 3 Feet High and Rising topped many best-of-the-year lists, including The Village Voice’s. With all of the acclaim came some unwanted attention, most notably in the form of a lawsuit by the Turtles. De La Soul had sampled the Turtles’ “You Showed Me” and layered it with a French lesson on a track on 3 Feet High called “Transmitting Live from Mars,” without getting the permission of the ’60s pop group. the Turtles won the case, and the decision not only had substantial impact on De La Soul, but on rap in general. Following the suit, all samples had to be legally cleared before an album could be released. Not only did this have the end result of rap reverting back to instrumentation, thereby altering how the artists worked, it also meant that several albums in the pipeline had to be delayed in order for samples to clear. One of those was De La Soul’s second album, De La Soul Is Dead.
When De La Soul Is Dead was finally released in the spring of 1991, it received decidedly mixed reviews, and its darker, more introspective tone didn’t attract as big an audience as its lighter predecessor. The album peaked at number 26 pop on the U.S. charts, number 24 R&B, and spawned only one minor hit, the number 22 R&B single “Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey).” De La Soul worked hard on their third album, finally releasing the record in late 1993. The result, entitled Buhloone Mindstate, was harder and funkier than either of its predecessors, yet it didn’t succumb to gangsta rap. Though it received strong reviews, the album quickly fell off the charts after peaking at number 40, and only “Breakadawn” broke the R&B Top 40. The same fate greeted the trio’s fourth album, Stakes Is High. Released in the summer of 1996, the record was well reviewed, yet it didn’t find a large audience and quickly disappeared from the charts.
Four years later, De La Soul initiated what promised to be a three-album series with the release of Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump; though reviews were mixed, it was greeted warmly by record buyers, debuting in the Top Ten. The second title in the series, AOI: Bionix, even featured a video hit with “Baby Phat,” but Tommy Boy and the trio decided to end their relationship soon after. De La Soul subsequently signed their AOI label to Sanctuary Urban (run by Beyoncé’s father, Mathew Knowles) and released The Grind Date in October 2004. Two years later the group issued Impossible Mission: TV Series, Pt. 1, a collection of new and previously unreleased material.

1989 – 3 Feet High and Rising [2001 Remaster]
1991 – A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays [Maxi-Single]
1991 – De La Soul Is Dead
1992 – De La Remix
1993 – Breakadawn/En Focus [Maxi-Single]
1993 – Buhloone Mindstate
1994 – Clear Lake Audiotorium [Vinyl Promo EP]
1996 – Stakes Is High
1996 – Itzsoweezee (HOT) [Maxi-Single]
2000 – Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump
2001 – AOI: Bionix
2002 – Baby Phat CD2 [CD-Single]
2002 – The Works
2003 – Timeless [Australian Version]
2003 – The Best of De La Soul
2004 – Live at Tramps, NYC, 1996
2004 – De La Mix Tape_ Remixes, Rarities and Classic
2004 – Days Off [Promo EP]
2004 – The Grind Date [UK Version]
2006 – The Impossible Mission: TV Series, Pt. 1
Album artwork and rip logs are included. Enjoy


Caribou – Discography (2001-2010) [FLAC]

Caribou – Discography (2001-2010) [FLAC]

Genre: Electronic
Styles: Downtempo, Dream Pop
Source: CD
Codec: FLAC
Bitrate: ~ 1,000 kbps
Bit Depth: 16
Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz

2001 Start Breaking My Heart
2003 Up in Flames
2005 The Milk of Human Kindness
2007 Andorra
2010 Swim

Marino – The Videos (EP)
Tour CDs (Live) – 2005, 2007, 2010
Melody Day (Single)
Yeti (Single)

Dan Snaith’s early recordings as Manitoba underlined his status among the chattering electronic classes as one of the brightest talents to emerge during the early 2000s. Having already proved himself master of the sublime with his 2000 debut EP, People Eating Fruit, the Canadian’s subsequent Paul’s Birthday EP opened him out even further. After moving to London, he released an excellent second album, Up in Flames (2003), that saw him become a darling of critics. One year later, however, Snaith was forced to give up the name Manitoba after Dictators frontman Handsome Dick Manitoba sued for trademark infringement, despite the passing of 15 years since the release of the only material under his name. Snaith renamed his project Caribou, his two previous full-lengths were reissued under the new moniker, and he released his first new Caribou album, The Milk of Human Kindness, in 2005 for Domino. Snaith moved to Merge for 2007′s gorgeous Brit psych-influenced Andorra — which won Canada’s 2008 Polaris Music Prize — and 2010′s more dancefloor-oriented Swim.


A Tribe Called Quest – Discography (1990-2008) [FLAC]

A Tribe Called Quest – Discography (1990-2008) [FLAC]
Rap | 4.29 GB | FLAC(Tracks)+Cue+Log

Without question the most intelligent, artistic rap group during the 1990s, A Tribe Called Quest jump-started and perfected the hip-hop alternative to hardcore and gangsta rap. In essence, they abandoned the macho posturing rap music had been constructed upon, and focused instead on abstract philosophy and message tracks. The “sucka MC” theme had never been completely ignored in hip-hop, but Tribe confronted numerous black issues — date rape, use of the word nigger, the trials and tribulations of the rap industry — all of which overpowered the occasional game of the dozens. Just as powerful musically, Quest built upon De La Soul’s jazz-rap revolution, basing tracks around laid-back samples instead of the played-out James Brown-fests which many rappers had made a cottage industry by the late ’80s. Comprised of Q-Tip, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, and Phife, A Tribe Called Quest debuted in 1989 and released their debut album one year later. Second album The Low End Theory was, quite simply, the most consistent and flowing hip-hop album ever recorded, though the trio moved closer to their harder contemporaries on 1993′s Midnight Marauders. A spot on the 1994 Lollapalooza Tour showed their influence with the alternative crowd — always a bedrock of A Tribe Called Quest’s support — but the group kept it real on 1996′s Beats, Rhymes and Life, a dedication to the streets and the hip-hop underground.
A Tribe Called Quest was formed in 1988, though both Q-Tip (b. Jonathan Davis) and Phife (b. Malik Taylor) had grown up together in Queens. Q-Tip met DJ Ali Shaheed Muhammad while at high school and, after being named by the Jungle Brothers (who attended the same school), the trio began performing. A Tribe Called Quest’s recording debut came in August 1989, when their single, “Description of a Fool,” appeared on a tiny area label (though Q-Tip had previously guested on several tracks from De La Soul’s 3 Feet High and Rising and later appeared on Deee-Lite’s “Groove Is in the Heart”).
Signed to Jive Records by 1989, A Tribe Called Quest released their first album, People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm, one year later. Much like De La Soul, Tribe looked more to jazz as well as ’70s rock for their sample base — “Can I Kick It?” plundered Lou Reed’s classic “Walk on the Wild Side” and made it viable in a hip-hop context. No matter how solid their debut was, second album The Low End Theory outdid all expectations and has held up as perhaps the best hip-hop LP of all time.
The Low End Theory had included several tracks with props to hip-hop friends, and A Tribe Called Quest cemented their support of the rap community with 1993′s Midnight Marauders. The album cover and booklet insert included the faces of more than 50 rappers — including obvious choices such as De La Soul and the Jungle Brothers — as well as mild surprises like the Beastie Boys, Ice-T, and Heavy D. Though impossible to trump Low End’s brilliance, the LP offered several classics (including Tribe’s most infectious single to date, “Award Tour”) and a harder sound than the first two albums. During the summer of 1994, A Tribe Called Quest toured as the obligatory rap act on the Lollapalooza Festival lineup, and spent a quiet 1995, marked only by several production jobs for Q-Tip. Returning in 1996 with their fourth LP, Beats, Rhymes and Life, Tribe showed signs of wear; it was a good album, but proved less striking than The Low End Theory or Midnight Marauders. While touring in support of 1998′s The Love Movement, the group announced their impending breakup.


1990 – People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm
1990 – Can I Kick It? [CD-Single]
1991 – The Low End Theory
1992 – Revised Quest for the Seasoned Traveller
1993 – Midnight Marauders
1994 – Oh My God [Maxi-Single]
1996 – 1nce Again [Maxi-Single]
1996 – Beats, Rhymes and Life
1996 – Stressed Out [Maxi-Single]
1998 – The Love Movement [2-CD Limited Edition]
1999 – The Anthology [with Bonus Disc]
2003 – Hits, Rarities & Remixes
2008 – The Best of A Tribe Called Quest

Album artwork, rip logs and cue sheets are included. Enjoy


VA – Like Desperados (1998) [FLAC]

VA-Like Desperados-CD-FLAC-1998-FLACME Download

VA-Like Desperados-CD-FLAC-1998-FLACME

Description :

Artist…: VA
Album….: Like Desperados
Genre….: Country
Year…..: 1998
Source…: CDDA
Tracks…: 10 files
Size…..: 253.2MB
Run.Time.: 43:33 min
Rls.Date.: 07-13-2014
Encoder..: FLAC 1.2.1 Lossless
Quality..: 758 kbps / Avg 44.1kHz / 2 channels

01 David Allan Coe – Desparados Waiting 5:38
For a Train
02 Johnny Cash – Don’t Take Your Guns 3:01
To Town
03 Marty Robbins – El Paso 4:20
04 Willie Nelson – Red Headed Stranger 4:01
05 Johnny Paycheck – The Outlaw’s 5:04
06 Bobby Bare – Tequila Sheila 4:23
07 Billy Walker – Cros the Brazos at 2:50
08 Johnny Rodriguez – North of the 3:42
09 Willie Nelson – Pancho & Lefty 4:48
10 The Charlie Daniels Band – Billy the 5:46

Total Run Time : 43:33 min

Unit 3 – In The Fields (2013) [FLAC]

Unit 3-In The Fields-CD-FLAC-2013-YARD Download

Unit 3-In The Fields-CD-FLAC-2013-YARD

Description :

street date: 00-00-2013
rip date: 05-08-2014

artist : Unit 3
title : In The Fields
year : 2013
genre : Reggae
label :
cat-nr :
Encoder : FLAC 1.2.1
Ripping Tool : EAC
website :
Source : CD
tracks : 11
length : 52:50

nr. song title length

1 To The Father 5:19
2 Always 4:01
3 In The Fields [Jamaican Mix] 4:33
4 Jenny 4:08
5 Mr. Leader 3:35
6 Lost Girl 4:28
7 Man’s Desire 4:45
8 Our Father 4:01
9 To The Ear 8:14
10 Life Is Good 4:23
11 Winner [Dub] 5:23

Ugly Heroes – Ugly Heroes (2013) [FLAC]

Ugly Heroes-Ugly Heroes-CD-FLAC-2013-Mrflac Download

Ugly Heroes-Ugly Heroes-CD-FLAC-2013-Mrflac

Description :

Ugly Heroes – Ugly Heroes ::|
: ::|
|:: Artist : Ugly Heroes ::|
|:: Title : Ugly Heroes ::|
|:: Label : Mello Music Group ::|
|:: Genre : Hip-Hop ::|
|:: Source : CD (LP) ::|
|:: Size : 328.29MB ::|
|:: Encoder : FLAC 1.2.1 ::|
|:: Quality : 889 kbps avg / 44.1 kHz / 2 channels ::|
|:: Rel Date : 2014-08-10 ::|
|:: ::|
|:: ::|
|:: T R A C K L I S T ::|
: ::|
|:: # _title_ _time_ ::|
|:: ::|
|:: 01 The Feeling 0:32 ::|
|:: 02 Desperate 4:31 ::|
|:: 03 Good Things Die 3:24 ::|
|:: 04 Long Drive Home 3:01 ::|
|:: 05 Hero’s Theme 3:24 ::|
|:: 06 Graves 3:19 ::|
|:: 07 Heart And Soul 3:38 ::|
|:: 08 Take It Or Leave It 3:10 ::|
|:: 09 Never Go 2:50 ::|
|:: 10 Sweet Love 3:15 ::|
|:: 11 God’s Day Off 4:15 ::|
|:: 12 Just Relax 3:05 ::|
|:: 13 This Is Life 4:18 ::|
|:: 14 Impaired Judgement 3:38 ::|
|:: 15 Push 4:13 ::|
|:: ::|
|:: Total Time 50:33 ::|
|:: ::|
|:: ::|
|:: R E L E A S E N O T E S ::|

|:: ::|
|:: Apollo Brown, Verbal Kent, and Red Pill are UGLY HEROES

The O’Neill Brothers – A Day to Remember, Vol. 2 (2005) [FLAC]

The Oneill Brothers-A Day To Remember Vol. 2-CD-FLAC-2005-FLACME Download

The Oneill Brothers-A Day To Remember Vol. 2-CD-FLAC-2005-FLACME

Description :

Artist…: The O’Neill Brothers
Album….: A Day to Remember, Vol. 2
Genre….: Instrumental
Year…..: 2005
Source…: CDDA
Tracks…: 14 files
Size…..: 230.5MB
Run.Time.: 50:25 min
Rls.Date.: 07-13-2014
Encoder..: FLAC 1.2.1 Lossless
Quality..: 609 kbps / Avg 44.1kHz / 2 channels

01 The Wedding Song [Prelude] [With 3:45
Kenny G]
02 I Can Only Imagine [Prelude] 4:22
03 Largo [From "Xerxes"] [Prelude] 2:44
04 Hymne [Processional] 3:30
05 Canon in F [Processional] 3:28
06 Bridal Chorus (Here Comes the Bride) 1:58
07 How Beautiful [Ceremony] 5:23
08 Panis Angelicus [Ceremony] 4:42
09 The Prayer [Ceremony] 3:51
10 Finale [From "Water Music"] 2:45
11 Trumpet Tune [Recessional] 1:26
12 It Had to Be You [Reception] 4:29
13 When Lights Are Low [Reception] 3:20
14 Unforgettable [Reception] 4:42

Total Run Time : 50:25 min

The Maledictions – Idle Hands (2005) [FLAC]

The Maledictions-Idle Hands-CD-FLAC-2005-FLACME Download

The Maledictions-Idle Hands-CD-FLAC-2005-FLACME

Description :

Artist…: The Maledictions
Album….: Idle Hands
Genre….: Rock
Year…..: 2005
Source…: CDDA
Tracks…: 13 files
Size…..: 335.9MB
Run.Time.: 50:49 min
Rls.Date.: 07-13-2014
Encoder..: FLAC 1.2.1 Lossless
Quality..: 883 kbps / Avg 44.1kHz / 2 channels

01 No Hand Like Desire 3:30
02 Stark Weather 2:23
03 Haunted 2:47
04 Red House 3:26
05 Found The Devil 5:27
06 Lymon Jones 5:11
07 With A Prayer 5:25
08 Bright Eyes 3:51
09 Rain And The Water Wide 6:24
10 To Love Is To Die 2:51
11 Kneeling For A Dorsey 3:06
12 End Of The Line 3:58
13 If 2:30

Total Run Time : 50:49 min