Led Zeppelin – Mothership (Remastered) (2CD) (2007) [FLAC]

Led Zeppelin-Mothership-Deluxe Edition-Remastered-2CD-FLAC-2007-FORSAKEN Download

Led Zeppelin-Mothership-Deluxe Edition-Remastered-2CD-FLAC-2007-FORSAKEN

Description :

Artist : Led Zeppelin
Album : Mothership
Label : Atlantic
Genre : Classic Rock
Source : CD
Street Date : 2007-11-13
Quality : 947 kbps 44.1kHz 2 channels
Encoder : FLAC 1.2.1
Size : 958.47 MB
Time : 135:25min
Url : http:www.ledzeppelin.com

Disc 12

1. Good Times Bad Times 2:47
2. Communication Breakdown 2:28
3. Dazed and Confused 6:28
4. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You 6:41
5. Whole Lotta Love 5:32
6. Ramble On 4:22
7. Heartbreaker 4:15
8. Immigrant Song 2:26
9. Since I’ve Been Loving You 7:23
10. Rock and Roll 3:41
11. Black Dog 4:54
12. When The Levee Breaks 7:10
13. Stairway to Heaven 8:02

Disc 22

1. The Song Remains the Same 5:32
2. Over the Hills and Far Away 4:49
3. D’yer Mak’er 4:23
4. No Quarter 7:00
5. Trampled Under Foot 5:36
6. Houses of the Holy 4:04
7. Kashmir 8:29
8. Nobody’s Fault But Mine 6:16
9. Achilles Last Stand 10:23
10. In the Evening 6:51
11. All My Love 5:53

Led Zeppelin’s reunion for an Ahmet Ertegun tribute concert in
November 2007 (pushed back a couple of weeks due to a finger
injury Jimmy Page sustained during rehearsals) seemed like a spur
of the moment thing — but how spontaneous could it have been if
it just happened to coincide with the release of an expanded The
Song Remains the Same on both CD and DVD the debut of their
catalog as digital downloads and the new two-disc compilation
Mothership as a sampler of the whole shebang? Considering this
full-scale multi-prong assault — which also included a new
album by Robert Plant after all — it was probably not all that
spontaneous. Such a precise attack suits this most mythic of
classic rock groups who always benefited from an enormous sense
of scale. Weighing in at two discs and 24 tracks Mothership has
a sense of scale that the previous round of compilations — the
two-part Early Days & Latter Days delivered in 1999 and 2000
respectively — lacked not just because it pushes these two
phases together but because it is heavy on the heavy epics
emphasizing Zeppelin’s sheer sonic ballast over either their
lighter or more idiosyncratic moments. This effects the second
disc more than the first as the band started out heavy and
expanded outward and while it would have been nice if Fool in
the Rain represented In Through the Out Door instead of In the
Evening this is a minor quibble as Mothership hits the obvious
high points without seeming perfunctory. And that along with
Page’s new remastering is the real selling point behind
Mothership: as a compilation it is both gripping listening and a
good introduction to this very album-oriented band which is what
makes it a welcome addition to their catalog




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